Inhuman - A Ghoul's Tale


Murdered by his wife, a man meets Peyra, the goddess of mischief and lust, who saves his soul. While her motives remain unclear, the murdered man becomes her pet, a ghoul called Grym the Faceless. Grym carries the insatiable appetite for human flesh, but he also carries the frightening power of a dark sorcerer.

In a world that shifts to human ingenuity, using cannons and muskets against mages and monsters. Magic is no longer vital when the empire grows by using steam ships and trains to haul goods and passengers. The rulers replaced heroes and their supporters with armies and telegraphs.

But Grym has a plan to shake the empire to its core. Discovering the eternal tomb of Valary, a healer hero betrayed by Emperor Nazalath, he releases the woman who seeks vengeance for her betrayal. Together, they start on their separate paths of revenge. While it appears the ghoul’s focus centers on short-term revenge, he has much bigger plans. Grym intends to take down the empire using the ancient sorcery he’s learned and the underlying strife inside the empire. He will turn the world into a bloody realm filled with anarchy and chaos. For a ghoul sees no reason to help a humanity filled with a history of hypocrisy, cruelty, and stupidity.

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