This is Morbid Ink, an online publication dedicated to showcasing Independent Creators, this includes writers, comics, and illustrations.

Morbid Ink seeks to incorporate a variety of speculative fiction stories and original artwork into a digital magazine. The print version of Morbid Ink Magazine will follow in the tradition of Japanese light novels and early Western magazines such as Argosy, Amazing Stories, Weird Tales, and Black Mask.

In our efforts to get this magazine beyond a Substack site, we hope authors will join us in spreading the word and submitting your short story fiction to our Morbid Ink website for inclusion in the print/digital magazine.

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Showcasing independent writers, illustrators, & creators. Join me in as we add new speculative fiction in a light novel format. Seeking stories in cross-genres and Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Fantasy, Deco Punk, Surrealism, Slipstream, etc


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